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About Us

Meet Western Australia’s #1 Trusted and Preferred Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Specialist and Discover the New Benchmark of Professionalism and Service in the Building Renovation Industry.

Hi there,

My name is Bruno Caruso and I am the founder of ‘Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms’, Western Australia’s #1 trusted and preferred Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Specialist. I’d like to take a little of your time to tell you about myself and my company… and how for over 20 years now, I have assisted home owners and renovators just like you embark on the often daunting and costly journey of updating their property with an eye-catching kitchen or bathroom transformation that becomes the envy of their friends and families.

My whole adult working life has been spent in the renovation industry and there wouldn’t be any scenario I haven’t come across and used my unique skills and experience to deliver the ultimate vision my many happy customers have demanded.

But, I must warn you; I’m not your average construction industry tradesman.

I know what you’re thinking, he might say he’s an expert renovator, but they’re all the same. Unreliable, hard to contact, only turns up when he feels like it, and finds every reason to charge more than was originally quoted.

Hey, I wouldn’t blame you!

We’ve all experienced it, even me… and you know what? It ticks me off as much as it does you trying to understand how some tradies and businesses survive. It’s like… who knows what they think, it’s not good enough.

You see… being raised by a strong European family gave me an excellent work ethic and a strong belief in quality workmanship.

My motto became and has always been, “Do it once and do it right”.

My father also instilled in me an attitude that strengthened and shaped my future and it can be summarized in a few simple words; “Where there is a will there is a way!”

From the age of 13 at school where I first developed my love of woodwork, I knew where I wanted to direct my life focus and vigorously pursued local businesses to gain an apprenticeship in cabinet making.

I succeeded initially in securing an apprenticeship after I finished high school with a good family friend and worked very hard to build my skills and knowledge. Unfortunately when I was about three quarters through my time, our family friend became very ill and was forced to give up work.

I was devastated… not only for our family friend’s health situation, but also because I had to fight hard and prove myself to secure an early release from my apprenticeship.

It was due to my fantastic college marks and dedication to my craft that the apprenticeship board agreed to release me early and award me my qualification.

It was in the year of 1990 I was also recognized and awarded the highest honor as WA’s Apprentice of the Year.

I was so proud, to be acknowledged for the passion and quality of my work gave me the drive I needed to always strive to leave no stone unturned for my customers.

Back then the country was in the grips of a recession, but that was not going to stop me setting up my own business and searching for work. I started advertising with a little ad in the Yellow Pages and it wasn’t long before I scored my first job to design and build a new kitchen for a lovely couple in Spearwood.

From that first job of which the customers were very happy and proud to display to their friends and family, the majority of my future work came from referrals. From initially kitchens I progressed to designing and building bathrooms, laundries and some very exquisite entertainment units.

One of the highlights of my career so far has been when I was selected to build an extraordinary kitchen and bathrooms for DaVinci Homes, which featured on a number of lifestyle television programs at the time.

I put a lot of my success and longevity in the game, which is now over 20 years, down to the fact that I provide personalized and custom service from the first contact right through to completion. I take pride in my honesty and reliability, and am happy to work with my clients closely to achieve exactly what they want,
need and desire.

I can stand up and proudly say that over my career so far I have never been called back or received any complaints about my quality or construction, a rare feat indeed in the construction industry.

In 2012 to take my business to the next level, ‘Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms’ was launched, delivering to Western Australian’s the new benchmark of service, quality and professionalism that home renovators just like you demand and deserve.

Not only that, I’d also discovered over the years the lack of understanding about the complexities of renovating by the average punter.

Renovating a kitchen or a bathroom in particular is not a task for the unskilled. Many builders have a go at specializing and give up due to the hassle of project managing up to 12 different trades over a short period of time.

It’s because of the challenges renovators come up against, and the misinformation getting around, that I have decided to stand up…

…to stand up and provide much more than just solutions. Of course there are other reputable kitchen and bathroom renovation companies in the marketplace. And certainly they provide quality workmanship and materials.

But, you really don’t know how good they are until AFTER they have renovated your kitchen or bathroom.

Am I right? Or, am I right?

What you need… What you want… is an expert who can give you all the facts up front. Someone who makes sure you understand the options, the processes, the potential pitfalls.

And that is why I decided to develop this special guide, “The Essential Kitchen or Bathroom Renovators Guide to Planning and Designing a Stunning Transformation you’ll be Guaranteed to Love”.

Drawing on my many years of experience and dedication… and commitment to ensuring my customers receive the standard of service and professionalism that I, myself expect, I know this guide and its information will assist you greatly.

You’re going to discover “The 6 Costly and Avoidable Mistakes Home Renovators Often Make… and How To Make Sure They Never Happen To You”.

I promise you, when you decide to begin your renovation project, you will have the peace of mind that being properly informed delivers to you.

You’ll know what to expect…. How to prepare…. Questions to ask…. And of course how to choose the right company that ensures your renovation will be completed by industry professionals, on time, on budget…GUARANTEED.

There’s a lot to cover in this guide. I urge you to make yourself comfortable with your favourite beverage, turn off all distractions and take the time to read through the enclosed materials. You’ll be pleased you did.

And when the time comes for you to take the next step to planning and designing your brand new eye-catching kitchen or bathroom with complete confidence and certainty, you’ll know how to get the ball rolling.

Talk soon,
Bruno Caruso
Founder and Director