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Renovator Quiz


How To Tell If ‘CUSTOM KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS’ Is The Right Choice For Me? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Do You Have All The Right Information To Confidently Choose The Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Specialist To Design, Plan and Construct a Stunning Transformation you’ll be Guaranteed to Love?

Take This Quiz To See If You Need The Expert Services That Only ‘CUSTOM KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS’ Can Provide.

Mark each question as you go, your first “instinctive” response is usually the most correct.

1. Do you want a new kitchen and bathroom that is modern, practical and stylish to reflect your discerning tastes? Yes No
2. Is it important your chosen renovator has the skill and expertise to assist you with all aspects of design, planning and construction to your expected standard? Yes No
3. Is honesty and quality of advice from an experienced and specialist kitchen and bathroom renovator an important consideration for you when making important home improvement decisions? Yes No
4. Are you prepared to listen to advice from trusted industry professionals as part of your final decision-making process? Yes No
5. Is it important to be given an extensive and diverse range of styles, colors, fixtures and finishes to choose from for your new kitchen and bathroom? Yes No
6. Do you believe the initial quoted price for your new kitchen or bathroom renovation should be final and binding without dreaded ‘subject to’ clauses? Yes No
7. Would you like to be protected by a 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee providing peace of mind and confidence that you will love your new kitchen and bathroom? Yes No
8. Is choosing fixtures and fittings that are top quality and backed by comprehensive manufacturers warranties important to you? Yes No
9. Is it important to you that you support local family owned businesses that invest back into the local community? Yes No
10. Do you shop on overall value and benefits rather than just price alone? Yes No

If you answered “YES” to more than 6 questions you and ‘Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms’ are probably a good match to continue working together to create your Stunning and Eye-Catching Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation. There will more than likely be a design and style we can create that matches your tastes and desires, to ensure your ‘Dream’ can soon become ‘Reality’.

However, if you answered “NO” to 5 or more questions… especially if your “NO” answers included questions 3,4,8 or 10… then please close this package now as this quiz was designed to eliminate you. ‘Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms’ prides itself on delivering to our clients the best designs, quality components, advice and overall value so your ‘Stunning and Eye-Catching New Kitchen or Bathroom’ can be constructed with confidence and without the heartache and stresses that can so easily be avoided.

If you don’t appreciate the importance of working with a recognized industry specialist that holds its customers best interests at heart while delivering massive added value to the process, then by all means please choose a cheaper Renovation Company. We wish you well and can even recommend a couple to you.

If you believe ‘Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms’ could just be the valuable answer you have been looking for then by all means contact us to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. It might just be the best decision you make this year.