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Find Out Who Relies On ‘Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms’ For Confidence And Certainty When Renovating

Not all Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Companies are the same… some will only cater to one part of the market that connects with their style and flair.

Others only work at the budget end of the market, offering little style and imagination.

At ‘Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms’ we won’t discriminate… there’s little left that we haven’t seen and worked with… from the top-end that want the ultimate in quality, style and finish… right through to the young and energetic gen y’ers in their first home.

Each and every renovator is unique… different strokes for different folks… Read on to discover the numerous types of people we have worked with and see for
yourself, how we understand your specific needs and desires.

The Mum, Dad and The Kids Family; Do We Move or Renovate?

Why? The family’s growing and the kitchen and bathroom are on their last legs. It’s time to make that decision. Do we move on to something new? Or stay where we’re happy and breath some life into the old girl?

You’ve decided to stay put. It’s time to update, but it’s got to be practical and functional. After all, the kids will dish out the punishment for a few more years yet. As kids do. You want modern, low maintenance, kid friendly and above all… the safety features that reduce the likelihood of injury if playtime in the bath gets rough or little hands get where they shouldn’t in the kitchen.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an automatic towel picker upperer thingy that saved you the job? Or even a blow-dry chamber that removed the need for kids towels? Now that’s an idea!

The Mum and Dad Empty Nesters; Finally The House Is Yours!

Why? You’ve long been planning for the time when you get your house back. The kids have moved on and it’s time to lash out on that upgrade you’ve been dreaming of.
It’s time to reclaim ownership.

You’ve always had this vision of your dream gourmet kitchen or chic bathroom… But, it’s never been practical with the kids around. You want it to be yours.

Finally… what you want matters now. You can have it your way, with the features that make you feel special.

It’s time to pamper yourself.

Investors With Rental Properties; To Add To Your Property Value And Rental Return

Why? You want the long-term tenant who respects your property and protects your investment. There’s no doubting a property that’s kept fresh and modern attracts a better class of tenant. It’s the law of reciprocation.

A savvy investor knows how the value of a modernized property appreciates as well as the increase in rental return.

The costly problems that can be conceived in the kitchen or bathroom become a nonissue when updated… and higher standard practices increase longevity.

You can’t always rely on the little problems being passed on by tenants or agents, proactive always beats reactive and keeps you in control.

The Time Poor Professional Couple; No Kids Yet a Love For Lifestyle

Why? You work hard and you know what you want. The WOW factor appeal that reflects your style is high on your list.

You love your lifestyle, but it’s time to update your kitchen and bathroom. They’re just so 80’s.

You’re smart and you know how you want it. It’s got to be an investment that adds value, though.

“Give it to me. Here’s the brief, we love these fixtures. Now, make this vision a reality.”

All that’s left for you to do is appreciate the spoils of life and plan your next project or adventure.


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The First Homebuyer; Gen Y’ers Expressing Their Individuality

Why? The first home is a fantastic opportunity to stamp your uniqueness. You want the best you can have, trendy and modern. You’re at the beginning of your wealth creation, but you’ve got big plans. Wise decisions compounded will get you on your way.

You have dreams of renovating your first home. The kitchen or bathroom you want now has to be a reflection of your dreams. But not excessive.

You don’t mind pitching in to cut back on costs. Get your mates over and rip out the old and we’ll look after the new. A BBQ… and a few quiet ales at the end of the day to reflect.

You eagerly watch the transformation take shape… you start planning ahead, what’s next? Now it comes time for the painting. You’ll give it a crack, a few late evenings will be all that it takes. Show your handy work off to your friends, knowing you proudly played your part.